Incoming Students

How is band a Millennium different from other schools?

Millennium has been specifically equipped to handle students that are focused on the performing arts.  The band boasts the following advantages:

  • The largest & highest quality instrument inventory of any middle school in Seminole County
  • A performance auditorium custom made by the designers of the IMAX theaters
  • An in-class computer lab with music theory, composition, and performance assessment software

Do I have to know how to play an instrument or read music?

No.  Beginning Band is designed to start each person from the very beginning.  If you can read music or have experience on an instrument, you will progress at a faster rate.

What instruments are offered in band?

Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, baritone, trombone, tuba, & percussion (no drum set)

What band classes are offered?

Beginning Band- no experience on a band instrument

Symphonic Band- intermediate experience on a band instrument

Wind Ensemble- advanced experience on a band instrument

Jazz Band- advanced experience on a jazz instrument (sax, trombone, trumpet, bass guitar, guitar, piano, drum set) (not open to 6th graders)

What if I already play an instrument?

You can bypass Beginning Band by auditioning for Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble.  You can download this music (MMS Band Audition Music) for your instrument and set up an audition by contacting Mr. Langston. (percussionists must audition on both mallets and snare drum)

407 484-4704

Does the school provide instruments to everyone? Do I have to buy an instrument?

Students are responsible for acquiring their own instruments.  It is suggested that families rent from one of the local music stores before purchasing an instrument.  Some instruments can be rented from the school. The school rents the following to all students: oboe, bassoon, French horn, baritone, & tuba.  The school also rents the following instruments at a reduced rate to students on free and reduced lunch: flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, & trombone.

Do I have to carry my instrument around school?

No.  All students are assigned a locker or storage space for their instrument.

Can I take my instrument home?

Yes.  At home practice is necessary.

Can I take my instrument on the bus?

Yes.  For crowded buses, the rule is that it must fit in your lap or at your feet.  For students that play very large instruments, we try to provide instruments that can be left at home while the student plays on a class set during school.

How much do I have to practice?

Students are expected to practice 150 minutes per week (i.e. 30 minutes a night for 5 nights)

Are there many after school rehearsals/activities?

Because so many of our students come from all over the county, after-school rehearsals are kept to an absolute minimum. There are 3-4 rehearsals and 2 weekend activities per year for the Beginning Bands and several more for the advanced groups.  All concerts are evening activities

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    gabriel rodriguez said:
    August 28, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    i want to play the trombone

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