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Millennium Band in a Minute: 10-23-17

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MMS Band in a Minute 10-23-17


Sorry…still working on getting done in a minute.  The videos are 2-3 minutes long, with the exception of the MS Night Video, which is 4 minutes long.

This week’s video does include some student performances!

Millennium Band in a Minute: 10-16-17

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Good Evening all!
I hope that everyone has had a great weekend!
I am embedding below something new that I am trying: a set of short 1-2 minute videos about what is going on in band this week.  It is a link to a Youtube playlist, with videos for each level of band.  Simply click through the list to get to the class that is pertinent to you.  While each of these videos are around 2 minutes long, I hope to get things down to about a minute as things go forward.  It might be helpful, or it might not.  At any rate, I am giving it a try!  Let me know what you think!
Josh Langston,
Band Director
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