Instrument Introductions

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As the students are introduced to the various instruments over the course of this week, here is the link to the Youtube playlist that I have been using in class to highlight the different instruments.  Enjoy!



(You can forward through the list of videos by clicking the -> (right arrow) button in the player)

Trumpet Testing!!!

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Beginners recently began instrument testing on the trumpet.

We will need between 12 and 14 trumpet players this year between the 2 Beginning Band classes.

In short, trumpets:

  • are small in size
  • are easy to maintain
  • are relatively inexpensive
  • can be rented from the school if on Free or Reduced lunch
  • accessories cost is relatively low
  • are very popular, so it is difficult to get scholarships to college
  • are versatile and can play in bands, jazz bands, and symphonic orchestras
  • have a moderate learning curve.

Visit this link on our website for more info about Instrument Selections.

Here are some links to videos that feature the trumpet!

Brass Band Multitasker

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Spring Concert?


Amazing Trumpet Resource site

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This is a pretty exhaustive site of trumpet resources, including links, videos, and a page entitled “My Heroes”!  How appropriate!

Gerry's Trumpet Tips