Fundraising & Band Assessment



It takes a great deal of money to support the operation of a band (as described in the Band Handbook, pg. 13).  At Millennium, we have 2 primary sources of revenue: Fair Share donations and Instrument Rentals.

  • The Band Assessment represents the burden of financing the band evenly across its members.
  • Instrument Rental represents the cost of maintaining a school-owned instrument for the school year.
  • Based on projected costs for the upcoming year, this year’s “Band Assessment” fundraising amount for each student is $100. (This does not include the school instrument rental fee, which is also $100.) 
  • All students are needed to raise $100 in Band Assessment monies (to meet our operating budget).
  • Students that rent instruments from the school must pay $100 towards the maintenance of the instrument (Instrument Rental).

In an attempt to meet the needs of our families, we offer several different ways that Band Assessment and Instrument Rental monies can be raised.  Please review the options below to see which best suits your financial capabilities:

1.  Send in money.  (Payments can be broken up over time…i.e. per year, semester, or quarter, etc.)

  • Send in cashor money order (made out to Millennium Middle School)

2.  Participate in Fundraisers

  • We program 3-4 fundraisers per year.  Fundraisers might include: brochure product sales, candy sales, ticket sales, sponsorships, & Rock-a-thons
  • Product sales (brochure sales, candy sales, etc.) typically yield a 40% profit.  Therefore, a student might raise $40 for every $100 of merchandise sold.

3.  A combination of the above

  • Raise your student’s money in one manner and then provide the balance via the other.

4.  Apply for a Sponsor/Scholarship

  • Some families may have difficulties with the above choices.  If this is your situation, please contact Mr. Langston at

2 thoughts on “Fundraising & Band Assessment

    Howard Burch said:
    August 2, 2014 at 2:31 AM

    Hello Mr Langston,
    I own a local coffee company in the Sanford area and we are now offering a fundraising program for local schools, charitable organizations and community non-profit organizations. I would like to discuss the various ways that we may be able to help your organization reach it’s entire financial goals for this school year and beyond.


    Howard Burch
    Two Beans Java

      mmsfalconband responded:
      September 2, 2014 at 5:14 PM

      Mr. Burch,
      Thank you so much for contacting me! I would love to speak with you about how we could partner up to support theses kids and, in turn, support the community! When would be a good time to call you?

      Josh Langston

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