Band Boosters

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The Band Booster organization is a voluntary support group, made up primarily of band parents, that works to further the success of the band program.  All booster activities work to achieve the following set of goals:

  • To assist in the promotion and development of music education
  • To encourage and support music activities
  • To support and assist the music staff
  • To promote and sponsor cultural and social activities for the welfare and benefit of the organization
  • And, to raise funds for the organization

Several committees are set up during the year to aid in accomplishing these goals.  If you are interested in serving on any committees or are in need of any information regarding the Boosters, please contact the band director, Band Booster President, or indicate ho you would like to help on the Handbook Contract located at the end of the Band Handbook.

Areas of Need and Expertise

  • Fundraising/Finance Committee (raising money, maintaining the budget, etc.)
  • Performance Committee (organizing performance events)
  • Advocacy Committee (advocating the continued availability & support of arts in the schools)
  • Public Relations Committee (publicity & recruitment)
  • Secretarial help (organizing papers, materials, etc. in the band room)
  • Chaperoning (providing parent support/presence at events/performances)

Band Booster Functions:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Chaperoning Events
  3. Setup & Logistical Support of Events


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