Band in a Minute, 11/1/17

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Hello MMS Band Families,
Here are some quick updates that will be useful for this week in band:
  • I have temporarily suspended the Band in a Minute videos.  It takes an average of 45 minutes of production for every minute of video produced, and I was producing between 8-10 minutes of video each week.  Additionally, there were a maximum of 107 views and an average watch time of 72 seconds.  So, I will work to see how I can make it easier for me to produce the videos and make it more engaging before I resume posting them.
  • Classes will be issued a digital Assignment Sheet listing their homework for the week.  All classes have homework, which is to prepare what has been assigned in class.  This at-home practice is the only way to get better as a musician.  This forms are posted in eCampus, and the students may fill them out online rather than writing down on a piece of paper.
  • All classes have been issued a series of assignments that are located in eCampus and may be submitted beginning now.  Deadlines will be posted for these assignments later this week.
  • Clarinet MasterClass, Wednesday, November 1, 3:30-5:30PM in the band room. All clarinet players should attend and take advantage of our guest artist!!!
  • Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band will be performing in the Performing Arts Showcase on Thursday, Nov. 2 during Periods 1, 5, & 7.  Students are responsible for making up an work missed in those classes.  This event requires their formal uniform.
  • Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band will be performing in the Choices Night Presentation on Thursday, Nov. 2  from 6:15-7PM.  Students will stay after school, be fed, and then prepare for the performance. This event requires their formal uniform.
Thank you so much and have a great week!
Josh Langston

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