Middle School Night 2016!!!

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The annual Middle School Night Performance is upon us!  This performance will take place this Friday, Sept.9, 2016.

Please find the information pertinent to this performance listed below.  Students will also be bring in this information home on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

This performance is part of students’ performance grade for the 1st 9-week period.

  • Students should wear their band uniform to school, change into their band uniform during their P.E. or dance class, or change during the time right after dismissal.
    • The band uniform consists of: Band shirt, black long pants, black socks, black shoes
    • We will be using the same band shirt that has been provided. The other items must be provided by the student.
  • Students will walk as a group between Millennium and Seminole HS before and after the game.  Students must be picked up from the car ramp @ Millennium MS. (Students will leave their book bags in the Millennium band room.)
  • Students will be provided dinner by the SHS band parents.  Dinner consists of hot dog, chips, & a drink.  A vegetarian option of a PBJ is available; let Mr. Langston know if you want this option.
  • Students MIGHT be provided the opportunity to purchase a Chik-fil-a sandwich and a drink during the 3rd quarter break.  This is the only reason that students might need spending money.
  • While at the game, students must remain with the band AT ALL TIMES.  They will not be permitted to sit in the stands with family members or friends.
  • When not in the stands, students will be required to remain within the “MS Containment” area (near the end of the track on the home side).
  • This activity is designed to allow students to experience one aspect of participating in a high school band program.  They are expected to stay for the entire football game so that they experience the many activities within this type of performance.
  • Students that have indicated that they need to leave after the halftime performance will be dismissed as soon as Mr. Langston can separate the Millennium students from the Seminole & Sanford students.
  • If a student is being signed out after halftime, it is expected that they will be leaving the game.  Students SHOULD NOT be signed out so that they may watch the remainder of the game from elsewhere in the stadium.
  • Many of the times listed on the itinerary below are TENTATIVE.  Due to the nature of a football game, I cannot guarantee the rehearsal, performance, and pick-up times to be exact.  Times given are my best approximation for when these will occur.
  • Please make sure that students are picked up in a timely manner.  If any students have not been picked up by 11:00 PM, the Sanford Police Department will be called to take them home.
  • Students must adhere to all Band Handbook, Millennium Middle School, and Seminole County Codes of Student Conduct.  Misbehavior at this event may result in the appropriate consequences being issued.  This may include detentions, parent conferences, referrals, and/or sanctions from band and other school events.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend!  There is an admission fee of $6 (???) to watch the game.  (Parent chaperones will not need to pay for admission.)  

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