Choices Night Performance, Monday, Nov. 2, 4-8PM

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On Monday, November 2, members of the Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble will perform for CHOICES Night.  This is the event where interested 5th graders from around the county come to view Millennium’s Magnet Program offerings.  The itinerary for the event is listed below:

  • Students bring formal uniforms (tuxes & dresses) to school.  Hang in band room in the morning.
  • Report to the band room during dismissal.
  • 4:30PM- Feed students (pizza & a drink)
  • 4:45-5PM- Students get dressed not uniforms
  • 5-5:30PM- prepare stage for performance
  • 5:30-6PM- last minute preparations in the band room
  • 6:15-6:30PM- Jazz Band performs as guests arrive and enter
  • 6:30PM- presentation begins; Wind Ensemble performs on stage early in the presentation
  • 7-8PM- Wind Ensemble presents a “Work in Progress” in the band room
  • 8PM- student dismissal & pick-up

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