Wind Ensemble MPA Performance, Thursday, April 9, 6:00PM!!!

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The Millennium Wind Ensemble will be performing its Music Performance Assessment program on Thursday, April 9, 2015. They will be performing at 6:00PM at University HS in Orange City, FL. The performance is free!

The Music Performance Assessment is much like the “FCAT” for band. Participating bands perform for a panel of judges who assess each performance and render a rating. Bands are also assessed on their ability to sight read pieces they’ve never seen before! The students have worked long and hard to prepare the music for this performance, so come and and lend your support!

The itinerary for the students is as follows:

Thursday, April 9

  • bring formal uniforms to school
  • Dismiss with Car riders/bike riders/walkers
  • report to band room; get dressed into formal uniforms

3:45-4:15PM     Get into uniform

4:30PM      load bus

5:00PM      arrive @ University HS; set-up instruments

5:30PM      report to warm-up

6:00PM      PERFORM!!! (open to the public!)

6:30PM      Sight-reading performance (open to the public!)

7:00PM      pack up equipment; get a snack

7:30PM      watch a band, receive judges’ comments

8:00PM      load busses & depart

8:30PM      arrive at Millennium MS for student pick-up

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