Solo & Ensemble MPA This Weekend!!!

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The Florida Bandmasters Association Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment will take place this weekend, Feb. 27-28 at Markham Woods Middle School.

Solo & Ensemble MPA offers students the opportunity to be evaluated as a soloist or as a member of a small ensemble by a judge (an experienced music educator).  This unique experience is a wonderful performance and learning experience!

Participating students have been given all of the pertinent information for this event:

  • performance times & locations
  • judges’ names
  • guideline for how to prepare over the course of the week
  • an associated written assignment (how students earn their points for this performance)

There will not be a bus to take students to this event.  Students re responsible for organizing transportation to and from the event.  It is recommended that students arrive to the site about an hour before the student’s performance time.  Students should locate the warm-up area and the location of their judge’s room.  After warming up, students should report to their performance room about 10 minutes before their scheduled time.  If the room is running behind, you may choose to go back to the warm-up area and continue to prepare.  Also, if your accompanist is not present at your scheduled time, be patient.  we have 2 piano players playing for 60+ events and they will get to you as quickly as they can (if one room runs behind, it will cause piano players to be off-schedule).  Once your performance is over, you are free to leave.  Ratings are posted about 30 minutes to an hour after the performances are completed.  So, many stick around to see how they did!

For more tips on how to have a successful Solo & Ensemble performance and experience, see the back of this week’s Assignment Sheet!!!


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