Sanford Christmas Parade 2014!!! (This Saturday)

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Listed below is the info on the Sanford Christmas Parade.  Also, please be aware of the following:

– Members of the Symphonic Band have had auditions to be in the parade.  Please check with your student to see if they have been accepted into the parade performance.
– Tuba players and percussionists must get their marching instruments from school by Friday and to the parade route on Saturday.

Event Info: Saturday, December 13, 5-7PM (Parade begins @ 6PM)

  • Student Report Time: 5:00PM
  • Student Report Location: Fort Mellon Park, corner of San Juan Ave. & 1st St.
  • Student Attire: band shirt, black pants, black shoes, black socks, holiday decor (optional)
  • Parade Route: from east to west on 1st St.
  • Student Pick-up Time: no later than 7:15PM (exact time depends upon parade placement)
  • Student Pick-up Location: on Myrtle Ave. Between 1st & Fulton (in parking lot behind the long, skinny building)
  • Pick-up Procedure: Students must be signed out by a parent or guardian for dismissal from the parade.  Students must be picked up by 7:15PM (or sooner!)
  • Poor Weather Plans: Rain: If, when you approach the drop-off point, it is raining heavily, keep on driving!  Do not drop-off your student. If it rains during the parade, we will get wet.  If there is a place to pull students off of the route, we will seek cover.  Students will be allowed to use their cell phones to let parents know where they are.
  • Cold: Students may wear layers under their band uniform.  Long sleeves are fine, as long as they are under the band shirt.

Chaperones needed!!! Parent chaperones will be needed to chaperone students along the Christmas Parade route.  If you are interested, please follow the link: to register as a chaperone!

If you encounter any problems (especially on the day of the parade,) please call or text me at 407-484-4704.  Mr. Langston

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