All-County Band Auditions, Thursday, Nov. 6, Tuskawilla MS

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All-County Band Auditions are taking place on Thursday, Nov. 6, at Tuskawilla MS.  Participating students received their audition times on Tuesday.  Pertinent info regarding the auditions includes:

  • Directions to Tuskawilla MS
  • Students should arrive 20-30 minutes prior to their audition time.
  • There is no official check in.  Students should find their locations upon arriving.
  • The cafeteria will be the warm-up area.  Students will need to bring a music stand if they want to use one in the warm-up area (they will not be provided).
  • Most auditions will take place in the 3-story classroom building. Percussion and low brass usually takes place in the band/chorus building (to the left upon entering the campus).
  • Students should dress nicely!  This is a live audition. Appearances affect how we feel about ourselves AND portray an image of professionalism to the judges.  Put yourself in the best position to perform well!
  • Auditions will take place in 2 rooms: a scale room and an etude & sight reading room.  These rooms are typically right next to each other in the audition areas.
  • Play a few notes in the room prior to your audition to become acclimated to how the room sounds and to generally get comfortable.
  • Follow the directions of the judges carefully.
  • Scales should be played as quickly as can be played CLEANLY!.  Clean is better than sloppy!
  • In sight reading, focus on getting rhythms right, rather than just notes!  Also, do your best to keep a steady tempo!
  • No matter how things turn out, just remember that you are doing the right thing to become a better musician!

Good luck, students!!!  You make us proud!!!

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