All-State Auditions this Saturday, Sept. 20!

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Auditions for the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) All-Sate Band will take place this Saturday, September 20 at Deltona High School.  We wish our auditioning students the best of luck in this very competitive endeavor!

The Florida All-State Bands are comprised of the best musicians from across the state.  The All-State Middle School Band is made up of approximately 105 students from across the state.  Students compete, via audition, for the spots available to their instrument.  This can vary from 12-15 flutes, 3-4 oboes, 4-6 bassoons, 25-30 clarinets, 6 alto saxes, 3-4 tenor saxes, 2 bari saxes, 15 trumpets, 8 French horns, 15 trombones, 6 baritones, 8-10 tubas, and 6 percussion.  So, competition is VERY fierce!

Students participating in this event should refer to the following information to help plan for this event:

  • Look at the directions to Deltona High School prior to Saturday to plan your travel times (about 21 miles from Millennium MS)
  • Arrive 45 minutes prior to your audition time (audition times are posted on the students’ assignment sheets for this week)
  • Report to the Check-in Area (usually the Media Center)
    • Here, you’ll be given your audition card that you will give to the person recording your audition.
  • Locate the Warm-up Area and your Audition Room prior to warming up
  • Report to your audition room about 10 minutes prior to your time.  If they are running behind, you can go back and warm-up if you want!
    • Never warm-up in the hallway or outside of the official warm-up area as to not interfere with ongoing auditions!
  • Only go into your audition room after the previous person has left the room.
  • Once in the audition room, feel free to play a few notes prior to performing your audition to get used to how the room sounds.
  • The following is the example of the script that will be followed in each room.
  • If you have a mechanical issue with your instrument, BE SURE TO TELL THE RECORDING TECHNICIAN!!!
  • Follow all directions of the recording technician carefully.
  • When you are done with your audition, say ‘Thank You!” and you may leave the room.
  • When your audition is completed, you do not have to check out!  You are free to leave and enjoy a job well done!

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