Beginning Band: Instrument Selection Time!!!

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Beginning Band students will be receiving their Instrument Approval packets tomorrow, September 3, in class.  This packet will be your guide to getting your student set up with an appropriate instrument and all associated accessories.  The goal date for starting with instruments will be next Wednesday, September 10.

While the selection of an instrument is a mostly joyous process, there are bound to be some sad faces tomorrow. Due to instrumentation needs, not everyone will get their first choice of instrument.  While all is done to make everyone happy, a good band has to have the proper instrumentation.  Our goal for this year’s band is as follows:

The Instrument Approval Form will look something like this!
The Instrument Approval Form will look something like this!
  • flute- 12
  • oboe- 3
  • bassoon- 3
  • clarinet- 19
  • alto sax- 7
  • tenor sax- 3
  • trumpet- 12
  • French horn- 8
  • trombone- 12
  • baritone/euphonium- 4
  • tuba- 8
  • percussion- 8

According to current student selections, we have the following:

  • flute- 7
  • oboe- 1
  • bassoon- 0
  • clarinet- 18
  • alto sax- 8
  • tenor sax- 6
  • trumpet- 10
  • French horn- 8
  • trombone- 11
  • baritone/euphonium- 1
  • tuba-6
  • percussion- 18
    • (with 4 students yet to choose due to absence)

So, our problems to solve are:

  • not enough flute, oboe, bassoon, or tuba
  • way too many saxophone and percussion

In anticipation of such problems, I instituted the following pre-requisites to the selection process:

  • Students must try out out at least 4 instruments
  • Students must complete a packet of assignments on basic music notation.  Students will be ranked on their score for these packets and those scoring the highest will select their instruments first.  When slots for a particular instrument are full, no more of that instrument will be accepted, and students will then have to go to their second choice.

Several students did not try out at least 4 instruments during the 3 week process, and many students did not turn in completed work on the music notation packet.  (Students had 2 weeks to complete the assignments in class AND at home.) Therefore, quite a few students have put themselves in position to not have their first choice available when it comes to their turn.

Also, if you are planning to rent from the school, here is some additional info:

  • School rentals are $100 (in addition to the $100 Fair Share for everyone) and can be paid in installments.
  • The following instruments are available for school rental to ALL students: oboe, bassoon, French horn, baritone, tuba
  • The following instruments are available for school rental to students on Free or Reduced Lunchflute, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone
  • Percussionists rent a drum/bell kit from a music store and use the school’s equipment during the day.
  • School instruments are available on a first come, first serve basis until we have no more to rent.  Order is determined by the speed with which Instrument Rental forms are turned in to Mr. Langston. The school has the following instruments available for rental:
    • many flutes
    • 3 oboes
    • 5 bassoons
    • very few clarinets
    • few alto saxes
    • few tenor saxes
    • few trumpets
    • many French horns
    • many trombones
    • many baritones
    • 8 tubas

So, to conclude a post that is probably a little too long already, please let me know if I can be of assistance during this crucial time when you are getting equipment for your student.  Getting an incorrect or late start is a significant contributing factor in student success.  Please do not hesitate to ask me for help, clarification, or guidance!  I look forward to getting started!  It’s been too long since I’ve heard Hot Cross Buns!



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