Islands of Adventure Field Trip Info!!!

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The annual Islands of Adventure Field Trip is tomorrow, Saturday, May 15!!!  Please find below some pertinent details about the trip:

  • Students will meet in Millennium Hall at 7am (the doors will open at 6:30am).  Pick up time is 7:00PM.
  • SCPS Code of Student Conduct and SCPS Dress Code are still in effect for this trip.  Exceptions include: hats & sunglasses.  Students may wear appropriate swimwear underneath their outer layer of clothing.
  • Bring money for food (or bring food)! The price students pay paid only for the ticket, not for a meal plan.
  • Come prepared to get wet!  (i.e. bring change of clothes/shoes, ziploc bags for phones & wallets, etc.)
  • Lockers are available to store items (free for the first 15 minutes).
  • Students with tickets or annual passes must show them before getting on the bus!
  • Students must stay in their chaperone groups at all times! No splitting up to meet later! The only exceptions are when:
    • someone chooses to not ride a ride and steps over and waits for the group to get off the ride.
    • using the restroom.
  • It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day!  There are few things less fun than sitting in the IOA clinic with your teacher… (Sunscreen is another good idea.)
  • Obey park rules!  You might be smart, but park officials have experience.  They will catch you being stupid, if you choose that path!  Students may be kicked out of the park and may have to have parents come and pick them up!
  • Be on time for checkout!  Groups will meet at the lighthouse at 5:30PM.  Busses will leave at 6PM, arriving back at Millennium by the advertised 7PM.


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