Beginning Band & Wind Ensemble Concert Ticket Order Forms…

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…go home today and tomorrow (Thursday, March 27-28)!!!

They will be due on Thursday, April 3.

Below is the info regarding the performance that is included in the ticket order form:

Ticket Info: Tickets for the Spring Concert are available for a suggested donation of $3 per ticket. Money from tickets purchased will go into the general Scholarship Fund. Tickets will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Please complete the form below and have your student return it by the deadline to secure your ticket.

Concert Week Itinerary:

  • Beginning Band Rehearsal Monday, April 7, 4-6PM, Millennium Hall
  • Beginning Band/Wind Ensemble Performance Tuesday, April 8, 7PM, Millennium Hall
    • Student Report Time 6:25PM, Band Room
    • Attire Beginning Band Band Shirt, black pants, black shoes, black socks
    • Wind Ensemble Formal uniforms (tuxes, dresses, no sneakers)


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