Beginning Band Instrument Approval Packets Sent Home!!!

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The Instrument Approval Forms and Packets for Beginning Band students have been sent home!  This is the packet that informs parents how to get the correct instrument for their child.  The Instrument Approval Form is the cover letter for the packet and contains the following information: (see image below)

  1. The instrument your student has selected to play,
  2. When they will need their instrument & accessories (Monday, September 23rd)
  3. What accessories they will need with their instruments, and
  4. How to go about acquiring the instrument

The packet also includes flyers from local music stores and a school instrument rental form.  The flyers represent stores that service and make deliveries to Millennium on a regular basis (there are other stores in the area that did not send me their rental information!)

Please read the information on the Instrument Approval Form regarding what instruments can be rented from the school and what renting from the school includes and does not include.

Please use Mr. Langston’s contact information if you have any questions!!!

Example of an Instrument Approval Form

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