Solo and Ensemble MPA!!! Feb. 22-23, Markham Woods MS

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UPDATE:  Congratulations to all of the Millennium students that participated in this weekend’s Solo & Ensemble event!  Millennium students came away with 69 Superior ratings and 25 Excellent ratings for their various performances!  Additionally, each spent valuable time with an experienced adjudicator and received advice on how to continue their musical growth and development.  A special thanks goes out to Alice-Margaret Byerts and Linda Cole for playing piano for our soloists and to all of the parents that juggled schedules to allow their student to participate!  We are so thankful to be associated with such great people!


Millennium students wil be participating this weekend in the FBA’s Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment at Markham Woods Middle School.  Student performance times, too numerous to post here, are posted in the the band room and in the band’s Edmodo account.

The FBA sponsors the District Solo and Ensemble M.P.A. during February of every year.  The opportunity to be evaluated as a soloist or as a member of a small ensemble by a judge (an experienced music educator) is a wonderful learning experience.  In preparation for this event, students may refer to the following tips (which were also distributed in class):

1 week before…

  • Know your performance time and inform parents.
  • Make sure you have your transportation to and from the event secured ahead of time
  • If you received your solo from your private teacher, you must bring the original music to the performance.
  • If Mrs. Byerts or Mrs. Cole is your pianist, they will hold on to your originals for you and bring them to the performance.
  • All ensembles will receive their originals the day before the event (Friday).

The Day/Night Before…

  • Review your schedule for the day.
  • Plan to listen to other students.
  • Get your music ready; number the measures of your copy and of the original.  If your measures are not numbered, the judge may not allow you to play.
  • Make a thank you card for your accompanist.
  • Have DRESS CLOTHES ready for the performance! Avoid jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, etc.

The Morning of Your Performance…

  • Get up early. Eat a good breakfast.
  • Make sure that you have all music, equipment, reeds, mallets, etc.
  • Plan to arrive at the festival location at least an hour before your performance time

When You Get to the Festival…

Find the FBA Office, the warm-up room, and your performance room.

  • You DO NOT need to check in anywhere.
  • Warm-up and tune-up
  • Get to your room ready to perform at least 15 minutes early.
  • Don’t panic if your accompanist is late, he/she will be there.
  • Don’t worry about conflicts, they will get resolved.
  • Nervousness is normal. Don’t let it consume you. The world will not end if you mess up!

Right Before You Perform…

  • Make any last minute preparations (tuning, reed wetting, etc.)
  • Tune w/ the piano.  Work on this ahead of time!!
  • Introduce yourself.  State your name, the title, & the composer of your piece.
  • Present yourself well.  Position yourself so the judge can see what you are doing.
  • Be mature and smile!!
  • Remember to let your mistakes go!!
  • Take a few moments to mentally prepare yourself.
  • Have fun and show them what you can do!!
  • Congratulations!!!  You did it!!!

When you are finished…

  • Politely listen to the judge’s comments, thank him/her, and retrieve your originals from the judge
  • Feel free to ask the adjudicator a question that could help your playing.  That’s why they are there! (But remember, your slot is only 8 minutes long!)

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